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Are You Saying “I need to sell my house fast in San Bernardino?” Well, we can help.
We Buy Houses in San Bernardino and all surrounding areas. Saker Property Solutions is buying houses all over California, especially San Bernardino.

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LIENS? BEHIND ON PAYMENTS? OWN TWO HOUSES? TIRED OF BEING A LANDLORD? DIVORCE? HEADING TO FORECLOSURE? ESTATE SALE? FIRE DAMAGE? VACANT HOUSE? OWE LIENS? 100% FINANCED? MAJOR REPAIRS? PROBATE? FINANCIAL ISSUES? DOWNSIZING? INHERITANCE? In this video, Theo & Jaxi Saker walk through a 1950s Duplex in San Bernardino. This property is being updated and remodeled by converting the garages into Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). It was purchased from a trust that had been managing the property for years and decided to sell.

“Hi, I’m Theo Saker and I’m Jaxi Saker and we’re Saker Property Solutions we just purchased this duplex in San Bernardino

As you can see these extensive work we definitely have our work cut out for us in here

it’s a little bit old broken windows outdated

definitely going to need some rehab here let’s take a look at this kitchen huh

definitely needs to be gutted out yeah got old cabinets very outdated they even got a little bit of a hole in the wall right here you can see that

we need some new drywall to fix up

let’s take a look at the other sides we got this garage that we’re going to convert right here this is going to end up being a bathroom and a bedroom

take a look in here this is another bedroom

we’re going to get the bathroom too oh yeah it’s all good

let’s take a look over here

there seems to be a leak here the faucet’s running and it’s flooding

all right we’re gonna go to unit number two right now


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