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In this video, Theo & Jaxi Saker walk through a 1928 Multifamily property in Riverside. The property has several structures, the main house has permits while the other structures do not. We will be working with the city of Riverside in order to bring the existing structures up to code or tear them down completely. What a project!


“Hi I’m Theo Saker and I’m Jaxi Saker and we’re Saker Property Solutions and we just bought this house in Riverside, California.

Let’s take a look…

The house has multiple structures on it some of them are un-permitted some of them are. Right behind us is a converted garage.

Quite a few structures like we said, we got one right here that’s actually a workshop and it’s been converted but it needs permits still and then we have another structure which was the converted garage and that one’s actually right here and how many bedrooms and bathrooms do we have in that one three bedrooms three bedrooms two bathrooms so it’s it’s pretty big i mean it’s essentially another house so you have the main house right here you got a converted garage right here which is a three two it’s pretty big and then you got the workshop which has also been converted into a studio one bedroom apartment big big big property a lot of land a lot of potential a lot of things you can do here we could build another adu there’s a ton of things that we could do in this property we’re super super excited to get started…

so this is the main house it’s a four bedroom two and a half bath and as you can see it’s extremely outdated

and a lot of the belongings were still left inside but that’s okay that’s how we take them so here’s a view from the front porch of the entire property a lot of stuff was left behind

and so this is how we take them you know just as is any condition and this one’s got a lot of permit issues but we’re going to figure that out

we buy houses in any condition in any area we love riverside we buy houses in riverside all the time

so anyone needing to sell their house fast for cash we buy and we buy quickly as well this room is actually really nice it’s in good condition all tile floors

and so you know whether it’s in great condition like like this room we’ve even got a heat lamp right there whether it’s a great condition like this room or it’s you know in destroyed condition we’re still buying you know you can even leave your unwanted belongings behind we’ll take care of all this stuff

it’s really just a beautiful property it’s huge there’s so much potential here we’re pumped to get started got a few structures it’s gonna be awesome we’ll update you guys on it

thank you so much for watching our video just want to remind you guys we’re sacred property solutions and we buy houses in any condition whatsoever whether your house is in perfect condition or it’s completely destroyed we’re always interested and we’ll always be willing to make you an offer please feel free to call us or check us out on our website our phone number is 909-918-6719 and our website is www.buyingcasas.com

thanks for watching”